Fax Machine News

Why do people still use fax machines?  KRQE News 13

The fax machine is a symbol of obsolete technology long superseded by computer networks but faxing is actually growing in popularity.

Whats the Hot Device in Startup Nation? The Fax Machine  The Wall Street Journal

In Israel, a country with a booming tech sector, everyday business often remains low-tech. 'One foot in the future, one foot in the Bible.'

Remembering the Twin Cities Reader, 22 years after its death  MinnPost

Twenty-two years ago this month, the Twin Cities Reader published its final issue. I remember it clearly because I was on the staff of the Reader at the time and ...

Pseudonews: Paul Scholes quit Oldham after fax machine failed to send Kylian Mbappe bid  FourFourTwo

There were some differences in Scholes's vision and the chairman's, Back of the Net reports.

The facts about the 21st-century faxand how lawyers can use it to their advantage  ABA Journal

Faxesthey're so 1995. No one even uses them anymore, right? Wrong. While many industries have abandoned faxes, lawyers are nevertheless sometimes ...

3 Buried Costs of Your Company's Legacy Fax Machines  Computerworld

It's 2019 and for one reason or another, your company still has fax machines in the office that you have to support. If I asked you, right now, to list the costs of ...

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